Christmas Brochure Illustrations ; Hairy and Merry pet spa and dog wash in San Diego, CA ( text written by Hairy&Merry founders)

T'was the Night Before Christmas, and we slept like a log.
Not a creature was stirring not even a dog.
The stockings and blankets were hanging with care, in spite of the fact they were covered in hair.
The water bowls filled and the chew toys lined neat, the dogs were all dreaming of treats and fresh meats.
The puppies had burrowed deep in their dens, after a long day of playing and making new friends.
When out on the street there arose such a row, I thought to myself, "Oh, what is it now?"
I ran to the window, a dog at my feet, and I peered through the glass out on Kettner Street.
There wasn't snow, nor litter, nor nothing to dread, but a sleigh moving south in the color of red.
I recognized Santa, but something seemed queer, for in front of the of the sleigh there wasn't a deer.
No Rudolf, no Donder, no Blitzen in lines. That fleet was made up of a dozen canines!


acrylic on canvas paper, 2015

So jolly, so furry, so happy to please, and they carried that sleigh without even a wheeze.
Their paws tread lightly on the empty pavement as they carried that jolly old Christmasy gent.
I tucked back inside, not wanting to show as they stopped at each place downtown in a row.
There isn't a chimney, nor venting, nor flu, but somehow with magic Santa made it in through.
He wasted no time, as his scheduled was fleeting, and filled all the bowls with things for the eating.
There were biscuits, and cookies, and even some jerky, given to each dog sleeping ever so soundly.
He gave rope toys, and squeakers, and bones, and dog vests, and spread his cheer through gifts to each little guest.
He was gone in a flash and back to his sled, and continued his mission with San Diego in bed.
But he turned to the dogs having less presents to ferry and said, "Merry Christmas to all at Hairy & Merry".